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Brian and Crystal and their daughter Skye are from the Hawaiian islands. They bring to you a taste of their cooking style that reflects their island roots.

Brian is of Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Hawaiian, Chinese and Filipino descent. With Crystal being of Korean, Japanese, French and Irish descent, you will find quite a range of flavors. Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures, and with it, the food.  As a young man, Brian learned that his passions were art and cooking. Finding that he could satisfy both passions  with food as his canvas, he entered schooling in order to obtain professional training and graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts.  From there, he worked in the small mom and pop kitchens, to corporate hotel restaurants in fine dining and banquets; often working 2 or 3 jobs at the same time. This resulted in his range of cooking experiences and abilities.  Early on, he learned about vegetarianism and soon began to adhere to a regimen that included white pasta, chips and beer.  Not fully embarking on what it meant to be a healthy vegetarian until meeting Crystal. 

Crystal, a professional hairdresser by trade and always-entrepreneur,  having owned and operated several types of businesses, lived on the Standard American Diet.  Pizza, burgers, deep-fried everything, fast food, microwave food and processed food made up a good portion of her diet.  She always did enjoy cooking though, and when she found the time would manage to put together a very nice meal (minus the healthy part), never realizing that our level of health is an important piece directly related to what we put into our mouths. Being an avid reader, she picked up a book entitled Counsels on Diet and Food by Ellen G. White. This book made a profound impact on her and from that moment on, changed the way she and her family ate and lived forever. She learned that learning never ends and studying about health and nutrition became a lifelong passion. Her passion, coupled with Brian's passion for creating art you can eat became The Maui Vegetarian, a family dedicated to making a positive difference in people's lives by feeding and teaching.

As for Skye, don't underestimate this tough little girl.  She is a foodie through and through.  She's our veggie food critic in line with the best of the best.  And if it doesn't pass her tests, well then, we may as well scrap the idea.  She is also our budding baker, able to transform many traditional baked goods into completely plant-based recipes that are healthy and very importantly, quite delectable!  All at the young age of 12!

Our family includes Crystal's son Justin, his wife Noelle, and their daughter KarmaLynn.  Justin is also actively involved in the culinary arts and currently living and working in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii.  He shares the same passion for skillful food preparation and is furthering his career...destined for greatness!